Challenge 4: Cultivating Connections

For individual students OR small groups — Maximum points: 200 (100 per entry; 2 entries per school)

Everyone has a connection to plants and often it is through our culture. Some cultures celebrate major life events with displays of flowers. Cultural cuisines can be defined by the greens, fruits, and vegetables they include. Sometimes our connection is as simple as how we enjoy being in nature and appreciating the plants and trees around us. Use photography to document how you, your friends, family, or community interact with plants. With permission from your human subject(s), snap 3-5 photographs of a moment or event in a person’s life that involves plants and describe the connection and interaction. Write a 500-word essay describing the moment or event, the connection to plants and the interaction you have captured in your photograph. Download PDF

ENTRY SUBMISSION: Monday, February 5, 2024 to Sunday, February 11, 2024

Electronically submit the following:

✓  Entry Requirements:
  Photographs must be a minimum of 3024px x 4032px uploaded as a jpg or jpeg. 
  Editing or cropping of photos is permitted, but adding graphics, backgrounds, photo collages, etc. is not permitted. 
  A 500-word narrative typed, double spaced, with 12-point Sans Serif font, and 1-inch margins uploaded as a PDF.
  On-time entry submission. Late entries will be accepted with a reduction in points.

Bring your class on a field trip at Fairchild. Please visit Explorer Field Trip Programs for more information.

For more information on how your submission will be evaluated, see the Challenge 4 Rubric. 

Visit the Challenge 4 Lesson Planning Guide for ideas on implementing this challenge in your classroom.


Photography Resources:

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