American Orchid Society

In 2012, Fairchild and the venerable 90-year old American Orchid Society, known for its passion and global leadership in orchids and, moved its international headquarters to Fairchild. With our shared commitment to conservation, education and research, we are joining forces to ensure the perpetuation and appreciation of orchids in North America and throughout the world.

Now, visitors to Fairchild will have more orchids than ever to enjoy at with AOS’s outstanding collection of rare orchids displayed throughout the Garden’s various exhibits. The enthusiasm for orchids, the largest family of flowering plants, kindled in the 18th Century and has never waned.

Founded in 1921, the AOS has more than 10,000 members and 600 affiliated orchid societies around the world, with several of those societies located in the South Florida region. The Society moved to Florida from Massachusetts in 1984. For more information, visit