Biotech High School

About the Program

Established in 2015, through a grant from the U.S. Department of Education’s Magnet Schools of America program, Fairchild partnered with Miami Dade County Public School to develop BioTECH Senior High School: the first Conservation Biology High School with a focus on Botany and Zoology. This collaborative botany program offers novel experiences, is integrated into students’ school days, and counts towards their graduation requirements. Students and teachers assist graduate students and early-career scientists in completing their botanical research. Students have access to the Garden’s living collection 7 days a week and can also work to earn Volunteer Hours Educators, please see FTBG COVID-19 Safety Protocols

BioTECH Student Research
Cattleya orchids

Orchid Science

Student learn micropropagation laboratory techniques, design novel growth systems, test native species seed banking trials, and explore mycorrhizal fungal relationships.


Conservation-based research projects include studies of tropical fruit crop diversity, local biodiversity mapping, and efforts to conserve South Florida and Caribbean endangered plants.

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Growing Beyond Earth

Students support the quest of growing food crops for long-duration missions into deep space. Active projects include micro-green, pepper, and leafy green variety growth trials.

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For more info, visit BioTECH @ Richmond Heights. Graduate students, email

BioTECH Student Workshops and Announcements Updating in progress!

Plant Science 101

From roots to shoots, extreme adaptations, learn the power of plants. Hands-on Student Workshops @ the Adam R. Rose & Peter R. McQuillan Arts Center October 19 8:30am-10am; October 20 8:30am-10am

bromleiad germination

Bromeliad Conservation

Students work to better understand and inform scientist on large endagred Florida and Caribbean Bromeliads.