Flower Garden Miami: What’s Blooming at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden


With more than 3,400 species of plants, there’s always something blooming at Fairchild! Each month, our horticulture staff and volunteers compile a list of interesting plants that flower and fruit in our botanical garden. You won’t want to miss these during your visit. Plants are listed alphabetically by scientific name, common name, and location by plot number. You can look at a plot map here. Plot maps and the current month’s blooming list are also available at the Shehan Visitor Center.

Miami is a veritable tropical plant paradise, home to a dizzying array of plant life. Here at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden, we are dedicated to conserving and sharing the diversity of plant life both from around the world, right here in Miami.

We’ve highlighted just a few of our botanical garden collections below, but with over 3,000 types of plants spanning our beautiful 83-acre tropical oasis, be sure to stop by the botanical gardens in person for the full experience!

Viewing Flowers in Our Botanical Gardens in Miami

We have organized our vast 83-acre botanical gardens into specialized collections, so our guests can make the day’s plans around viewing the areas most appealing to them. Below you’ll find some of our most popular botanical garden attractions for those interested in our peerless collection of tropical flowers.

Aquatic Exhibits

The Water Gardens at Fairchild Botanic Garden are home to a resplendent collection of 11 lakes and seven pools, each brimming with eye-catching floral expressions and lush vegetation. Any of the exhibits below will provide guests the opportunity to soak up the natural beauty of both Miami and our botanical gardens.

Fountain Court Pool

The Fountain Court Pool near the Garden House Auditorium is home to several varieties of water lily, including the ‘Ostara,’ ‘Star of Siam,’ and ‘Blue Bop.’ This water lily garden is a serene oasis in the middle of bustling Miami. Dale Chihuly’s hand-blown sculpture, Cobalt Herons, stands sentinel over these tranquil blooms.

Pool in the Moos Sunken Garden

At times, we all need to recharge for one reason or another. The Moos Sunken Garden is an ideal place to do so, with its placid pool and gentle waterfall. Verdant and peaceful, a hidden spot well worth marking on one’s botanical garden map.

Palm Glade Pool

Palm Glade Pool provides a welcoming habitat for several fascinating species of water lilies from the Nymphaea family, including ‘Caliente,’ ‘Day Glow,’ and ‘Purple Zanzibar.’ Perhaps the most enchanting bloom in this exhibit is one of the crown jewels of our gardens: Nelumbo nucifera, ‘Chawan Basu,’ the sacred lotus plant.

Amphitheater Pool

A hidden gem in the garden that is certainly worth the search, the Ampitheater Pool is home to one of the most stunning collections of water lilies in South Florida. The Nymphaea species of ‘Key Largo,’ ‘Star of Zanzibar,’ and ‘Queen of Siam’ are all present, as are many others.

Sibley Victoria Pool

The grandeur of Sibley Victoria Pool is buoyed by the massive Victoria cruziana and the Victoria ‘Longwood Hybrid.’ Though native to South America, these heat-loving tropical plants are ideally suited to gardens in Miami. Individuals in this group have flowers that bloom on day one, turn pink on day two, and perish on day three.

Tropical Plant Conservatory and Rare Plant House Pools

Within the winding paths of our botanical garden lies a cool, pristine pool brimming with energetic African Cichlids and billowing aquatic plants. A trip to The Tropical Plant Conservatory and Rare Plant House, with its gleaming white koi puts guests right in the middle of their own miniature Miami paradise. We at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden aim to provide an environment that’s both beautiful and representative of our diverse South Florida landscape, even going so far as to create the flooring of this exhibit out of native Miami oolite!

In this section of the garden, you will also find orchids, anthuriums, rare philodendrons, pitcher plants, and as in most botanical gardens in Miami, lots and lots of ferns.

Butterfly Gardens in the Clinton Family Conservatory

Our Wings of the Tropics exhibit allows guests the opportunity to view hundreds of spectacular butterflies year-round. Guests can enjoy a leisurely stroll through the garden while they search for species of exotic plants like heliconius, morphos, and owl butterflies from Central and South America. The native Miami blue butterfly, though small, is quite the striking sight.

Like all of the exhibits in the botanical gardens, the Butterfly Garden is also an excellent place to view seasonal blooms. A stunning display of tropical plants and orchids provides the backdrop for butterfly viewing, ensuring a special day for all.

Open daily from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., though times may change based on weather.

Can’t get enough butterflies? Be sure to check out the Lisa D. Anness South Florida Butterfly Garden as well!

The Edible Garden: Whitman Tropical Fruit Pavilion

Interested in flowers of a different kind? The fruit trees in the Whitman Tropical Fruit Pavilion may be just what you’re looking for!

This section of the botanical garden houses some of the world’s most exotic fruit trees. To step into this edible garden is to step into the tropics, where guests are able to view, feel and even taste some of the most exotic tropical fruits around, all without leaving Miami!

Arboretum, Vine Pergola and Geiger Tropical Flower Garden

These three popular exhibits are all adjacent on the map, but at times may feel worlds away due to the distinctive plant life on display in each, including flowering trees, vines, and exotic species that thrive in our tropical climate.

Tropical Flowering Tree Arboretum

Twelve acres of more than 700 species of tropical flowering trees call the Tropical Flowering Tree Arboretum home. These flowering trees have been collected from all tropical regions of the world, but positively thrive here in our Miami gardens under the care of our master horticulture team.

Vine Pergola

Adjacent to the Arboretum is the 700-foot long Vine Pergola, a historic stone and wood arbor supporting a dazzling array of tropical flowering vines of every imaginable shape and color, including the spectacular Jade Vine. This gorgeous display ensures that even your walk between the separate botanical gardens is inspiring.

Geiger Tropical Flower Garden

With seemingly endless species of flowers and plants, the Geiger Tropical Flower Garden could be a winning botanical garden in Miami on its own. As part of Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden, however, it stands out as a lovely exhibit of colorful tropical flowering plants from around the world.

A trip to the Geiger Tropical Flower Garden is a virtual trip around the world. From Cuba, Cubanola daphnoides; from Puerto Rico, Brunfelsia densifolia; and from Jamaica, Ceiba pentandra, the famous Kapok Tree. Keep a sharp eye while exploring this part of the botanical garden! You may see plants collected in Asia by Dr. David Fairchild himself.

When to Visit the Botanical Garden

With thousands of plant species in bloom throughout the year, it’s always a good time to visit Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden! Whether you’re looking to hold your dream wedding, make unforgettable Valentine’s Day plans, or just hoping to experience some of the natural beauty Miami has to offer, any day in our botanical gardens in Miami is a special day.

For information on monthly plants in bloom, click here for a list compiled by our horticulture staff and volunteers.

Hope to see you soon!