Allée and Overlook

Allée and Overlook

Take in the panorama of the Garden’s Lowlands and lakes from the Allée, Overlook, a view that shouldn’t be missed. With its panoramic views, the Overlook provides a striking architectural counterpart to the narrow Bailey Palm Glade, which features a display of beautiful palms and provides a long, narrow view across the Garden’s landscape. 

The land on which the Garden was created, consisted of the upland with a strong slope or escarpment one hundred to two hundred feet wide joining the ‘lowland’ or marine salt flat area approximately 18’ below it. William Phillips, Fairchild’s landscape architect, considered the escarpment the boldest topographical feature. 


One of the main vistas created utilizing this feature was the Allée and Overlook. The Allée consists of a long walk from the Phillips courtyard entrance to the Overlook terrace. The vista along the wide and straight path is very effective for its sense of surprise. At the western end of the walk, only a view of distant trees is visible, then slowly, as one walks east, down the Allée, a view unfolds: Pandanus Lake, the Pandanus trees bordering the south side of the lake, and palms on the north and east end. The Overlook is an area octagonal in shape bordered by a low rock wall on three sides. When one stands at the Overlook there is an impression of great height although it is actually only fifteen feet. The view is a wide, panoramic scene of lakes with mangroves in the far distance.