How to Register

Interested in participating in Growing Beyond Earth®?

Each July, we open up the Growing Beyond Earth project to new participants. With funding from NASA, we offer limited supplies of materials and equipment free for middle and high schools throughout the US. 

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Need more information about the project, check out these resources: 

– Summer 2022 GBE Information Session – Video
– NASA Welcome to GBE
– NASA Downlink with the International Space Station
– TEDx Coconut Grove: GBE
– Space Station Live: Veggie 01

Latest Press on GBE 
– GBE – A Citizen Science Project

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SA NOTE: This is from the original version I had created. Do we want to keep a similar outline with step by step instructions on what teachers need to do??


Registration: Schools are required to register every year. Registration for The Growing Beyond Earth project must be completed by September 13, 2020. Participation is free for all schools.

Please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Schools interested in participating in The Growing Beyond Earth Project must request an invitation to participate by submitting their information.

Step 2: Each school must complete the Growing Beyond Earth Registration Form.

Step 3: Teachers must complete the NASA Plants in Space Badge.

Step 4: Teachers must complete the Fairchild GBE Training Modules and Evaluation.

Step 5: Teachers must submit the Memorandum of Understanding by September 13, 2020.


Ready to participate?

  • Look over research protocols and build a team of teachers and students at the school. We encourage teachers to collaborate with colleagues from other disciplines.

  • Read challenge descriptions carefully and coordinate student participation. 


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