Participation Requirements

School and workshop registration deadline September 7, 2022. If you are new to GBE please watch the information session prior to registration.

Important documents:
– 49 day (herb) protocol – COMING SOON
– 28 day (misome) protocol – COMING SOON
– Competition requirements
– National Science Standards

Video instructions:
Herb 1Herb 2Herb 3 
Misome 1Misome 2Misome 3
Growth Chamber Assembly – COMING SOON

Web training: – COMING SOON
Presentation Dr. Massa
Experiment instruction herbs
Experiment instructions misome

Spreadsheet instructions herbs
Spreadsheet instructions misome

Student training session

Additional resources:
Complete seed list 2015 -2022
Seed list 2022 -23 – COMING SOON
What to tweet
GBE twitter feed
How plants grow in Space
Advanced Plant Habitat Fact Sheet
Veggie Fact Sheet

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