BioTECH Student Research: Orchids

Seed Morphometry

Orchids are among the smallest seeds produced by flowering plants. Seed size, shape, and structural qualities can tell us a lot about how they are dispersed. 

Fairchild Researcher: Jason Downing, Ph.D.
Project Resources: Master Data Sheet, Seed morphometry of epiphytic orchidsSeed morphology of tropical and temperate orchid species, Student Fact Sheet, Student PPT, Drive
Collaborators: North American Orchid Conservation Center (NAOCC)
Location: Million Orchid Lab

Seed Banking

Million Orchid Project student-supported research includes designing and testing methods for native orchid seed banking efforts.

Fairchild Researcher: Jason Downing, Ph.D
Project Resources: Data Sheet, Viability testing of orchid seeds, master data sheet, Student Project Abstract, Student PPT, Drive
Location: Million Orchid Lab