Challenge 3: Eco Atlas – Decoding Nature

For Individuals or Groups — Maximum points: 600 (200 per entry; 1 entry per level)

YOUR CHALLENGE: Patterns in nature have fascinated scientists, mathematicians, artists and philosophers throughout history. While different types of patterns occur in a diverse range of living and non-living things such as mollusks and snowflakes, they can be observed in plants as well. Consider for example the seemingly random spiral on a pinecone, the symmetry of a flower, or even the arrangement of branches on a tree trunk. To decode the nature which surrounds them, students will explore, document and research plant patterns outside their classroom and in their community. Downloadable PDF

ENTRY SUBMISSION: Wednesday, February 17, 2020 by 5:00 pm

Please visit the below Challenge pages for specific entry requirements.

Challenge 3A (PreK to 1st Grade)

Challenge 3B (2nd and 3rd Grade)

Challenge 3C (4th and 5th Grade)