Brett Jestrow

Brett Jestrow, PhD

Director of Collections
Center for Tropical Plant Conservation, Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden
Phone: 305-667-1651 x 3427

Curriculum Vitae

Research Activities

I focus on Caribbean plant evolution (including South Florida), covering anatomical and molecular methods. Of course, conservation and education are important parts of all research. Every month, the herbarium hosts the Plant Identification Workshop a fun way to see a herbarium first-hand, and see how we identify plants.

Current research projects

  • Phylogenetics of endemic genera of the Caribbean
  • Physiology of the nickel hyperaccumulating genus Leucocroton
  • Succulent evolution in the Caribbean (other than cacti…)


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Education and Training

Florida International University. Ph.D. in Biology, 2010

University of Florida, B.S. in Botany, 2002

Teaching at Florida International University

Currently, in Spring 2015, Dr. Javier Francisco-Ortega and will be teaching the graduate course, Plant Molecular Systematics, held at the Science Village. The course has both a lecture and lab component where students conduct their own projects using plants from the garden and the molecular lab.

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