The Collection of Donovan S. Correll

The Collection of Donovan S. Correll

Collection: Donovan S. Correll Collection

Creator: Donovan S. Correll

Extent: Approximately 1 file cabinet, 5 archive boxes (approximately 25 cubic feet)

Repository: The Bertram Zuckerman Garden Archive, Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden, 11935 Old Cutler Road, Miami FL 33156

Abstract: Donovan S. Correll (1908–1983) was a plant taxonomist who, over a long and distinguished career, studied plants of America and authored more than 115 papers and 11 books, including Orchids of North America, North of Mexico, Ferns and Fern Allies of Texas, The Potato and its Wild Relatives, and Flora of the Bahama Archipelago (including the Turks and Caicos Islands), the latter researched and published in cooperation with Fairchild Tropical Garden. His donated papers pertain to his studies over the years from 1935 through 1983. Included are field note books of plant surveys and expeditions from throughout his career as well as correspondence that relates to the surveys and other matters. Pictures and negatives, some of which have been printed in one or another of his books or papers, are included. Files also include an extensive autobiography, Notes from a Singing Plant Explorer.

Administrative Information: No formal provenance for the collection existed prior to 2014. In 2011, in anticipation of the 30th anniversary of the publication of the Flora of the Bahama Archipelago, the formal curation of the collection began. The materials that are now part of the collection were scattered in boxes, files, and drawers, and about one third of the collection was discovered in files in the Herbarium. Mary Ellen Gelburg, FTBG Volunteer, was recruited to arrange the materials, and write a finding aid for the collection. The current finding aid was finished in 2014.

Acquisition Information: The papers were donated to Fairchild Tropical Garden by Mrs. Helen Correll, wife of Donovan Correll.

Access: The collection is open for research by appointment. Please consult the curator for access.

Usage Restrictions: None

Preferred Citation: Courtesy Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden Archive. Donovan S. Correll Collection

Biographical Sketch: Donovan Stewart Correll (1908 – 1983) was born in Wilson, North Carolina April 13, 1908, the sixth of ten children conceived by father John and mother Lummie Jane (Foster) Correll. With a family so large, everyone needed to contribute, and young Donovan held a number of odd jobs around Winston-Salem, including that of cigarette packer for the R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company. But a sabbatical from high school to Florida in 1925–26 had a much greater effect in shaping his future life; there he was introduced to the wilds of Florida, then to the Florida Keys, Cuba, and the Bahamas. In Florida he also found his singing voice. His love of opera and the chance to sing in school productions brought him back home to finish high school. For the next five years Donovan sang in local productions until the failing economy and dismal prospects took him to Duke University, where he continued to pursue thoughts of a musical future while majoring in comparative religion and philosophy. Studies, however, turned to botany after Donovan met the woman who was to become his bride, Helen Elizabeth Butts. Admitted to graduate school at Duke, young Correll studied the native orchids of North Carolina, then with his MS completed he undertook for his PhD dissertation a study of the native orchids of the southeastern US. This work was completed in 1939, in part at Harvard University where Correll had obtained an Ames scholarship. Subsequently, Correll took a position at the Harvard University Botanical Museum and worked with Oakes Ames to compile a manuscript on the orchids of Guatemala; at the same time he expanded upon his dissertation work to include the orchids of North America north of Mexico.

The early years of World War II Correll continued at Harvard. Feeling that studying orchids was too remote from the war effort, he jumped at the opportunity to work for the USDA in late 1943. He was placed in the Division of Plant Exploration and Introduction (the office established by David Fairchild in 1898) as an understudy to O. F. Cook, the retired palm expert. Challenged at age 34 by a co-worker to enlist, Donovan passed a Navy physical and was told to wait until he was needed; the call came in July, 1944. After being commissioned as a Lt.(jg) and training at Princeton University , he was designated an Armed Guard Officer and assigned to protect convoy ships taking supplies to the European theater of war and to Hawaii. A six-month stint with the Navy Board of Review of Discharges and Dismissals completed his naval career, and in 1946 he returned to Harvard as a Guggenheim Fellow to complete his North American orchid work and polish his and Professor Ames’ Orchids of Guatemala.

In 1947 Correll returned to the USDA and the Division of Plant Introduction where he explored for and studied wild species of potato and sought plant sources for the drug cortisone that controlled arthritis and hypertension diseases. Species of genera such as Dioscorea and Rauwolfia were established in the US at introduction gardens like the one in Miami at Chapman Field. One compound discovered as a result of this search was subsequently named correllogenin in honor of Donovan Correll.

In 1956 Correll became Head of the Botanical Laboratory, Texas Research Foundation, in Renner, Texas, where he continued his explorations for wild species of potato in Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Bolivia, and Ecuador. Other plants also caught his attention, and on one Mexican exploration in Sonora a tiny member of the sunflower family caught his eye; it was of a new genus and subsequently named Correllia montana. His primary project in Texas, however, was the preparation of a complete work of the native and introduced plants of the state, and in 1970 he saw published the Manual of the Vascular Plants of Texas. He also helped to create the Big Thicket National Park and preserve nearly 100,000 acres of pristine wilderness.

From 1971 to 1973 Correll served as Program Director, Systematic Biology, with the National Science Foundation in Washington, DC. In 1973 he accepted a position as taxonomist with Fairchild Tropical Garden. With the support of a five-year grant from the National Science Foundation, he and his wife completed an illustrated Flora of the Bahama Archipelago. 

Collection Scope and Content Note: The papers of Donovan S. Correll cover the period from 1935 to 1983. They include field notes and photographs used in publications as well as correspondence. A large portion of the content pertains to the publication of Flora of the Bahama Archipelago. 

The papers are arranged in several broad subject series listed below.
FLORA OF FLORIDA, 1974 – 1992

Collections:  The Cellon Collection is arranged in 10 boxes.

  • Box 1 includes prints, many of which are prints of the glass plates. When possible, we have numbered the prints to match their respective glass plate. Not all prints have corresponding plates; not all plates have prints. The pictures and plates are arranged by subject matter as much as possible. It also includes Cellon’s handwritten field notebook from 1908-1919.
  • Boxes 2 and 3 include Cellon’s field notebooks from 1902-1925 which contain his nursery notes, names, addresses, and other miscellaneous information.
  • Boxes 4-8 include the glass plate negatives.
  • Boxes 9 and 10 include scrapbooks that Cellon kept of his publications, newspaper clippings, and other documents. These are often pasted over the top of financial records for the Cellon nursery.  




Drawer 01

Note: Most of these files were originally archived by Edwin Bridges, Herbarium Curator at Fairchild from 1993 – ? )


Correspondence Don Correll – Oakes Ames, 1936 – 1949
Ninety two (92) items, including letters and handwritten notes between Correll and Dr. Oakes Ames, his mentor and professor at Harvard. Dr. Ames was known as the world’s leading authority on orchids. Dr. Ames and Correll were co-authors on Orchids of Guatemala. He died in 1950.




Thirteen (13) reprints of articles written by Oakes Ames between 1903 and 1945.




Correspondence Don Correll – Blanche Ames (Mrs. Oakes Ames), 1949 – 1958
Letters and notes between Correll and Mrs. Ames, mostly concerning the acquisition of Dr. Ames’ private library by The Texas Research Institute.




Correspondence Don Correll – H.L. Blomquist, 1933 – 1939
About 73 letters, post cards and telegrams between Correll and Dr. Hugo L. Blomquist, Professor of Botany at Duke University and a member of the North Carolina Academy of Science. Some are handwritten, some typed. Includes a thank you note from Margaret M. Blomquist and some correspondence from Inez Britton, also of Duke.




Correspondence Don Correll – H. L. Blomquist, 1940 – 1965
Approximately 80 letters and post cards, both handwritten and typed. Also contains newspaper clippings of Dr. Blomquist’s retirement from Duke and his obituary.




Correspondence Don Correll – H.M. Denslow, 1935 – 1941
Contains 24 letters and postcards, both handwritten and typed, between Correll and Dr. H.M. Denslow of Hartford, CT. Subject: orchids. Also includes a newspaper clipping sent May 1, 1939 to Correll describing orchid hunting in Connecticut. Article is unsigned, possibly written by Dr. Denslow.




Correspondence Don Correll – Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas, 1966-1967
Twenty (20) letters in reference to the publication of Justice Douglas’ book Farewell to Texas, a Vanishing Wilderness, which Dr. Correll edited and in reference to Big Thicket which was being considered for inclusion in the National Park Service. Also contains letters from Justice Douglas to Ed Crafts, Dept. of the Interior, and to Jim Bowen, Superintendent of Padre Island National Seashore. One letter, 1976, from his time at Fairchild.




Correspondence Don Correll – R. K. Godfrey, 1957 – 1970
Twenty six (26) letters and post cards between Correll and Dr. R. K. (Bob) Godfrey, Professor of Biological Science at Florida State University. Some letters reference a testimonial dinner for Dr. Blomquist.




Correspondence Don Correll – Dr. Walter H. Hodge, 1956 – 1966
Approximately 64 pieces, including letters between Correll and Dr. Walter H. Hodge, Program Director for Systemic Biology, National Science Foundation.  Also includes resumes for Dr. Hodge, an undated photograph or him and a newspaper clipping from the Dallas Morning News, March 6, 1961, about his speech at the Dallas Garden Club. He was introduced by Dr. Correll.  Correspondence also includes letters to Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, Sen. Ralph Yarborough, Rep. Richard Roudebush in support of a National Science Foundation grant.




Correspondence Don Correll– Patricia K. Holmgren, 1974 – 1981
Approximately 66 pieces, mostly letters between Correll and Dr. Patricia K. Holmgren, Herbarium Administrator/Head Curator at the New York Botanical Garden. Also includes some letters to and from Dr. Noel H. Holmgren, Curator at the NY Botanical Garden. Subject matter mostly about specimens and publications. Approximately 26 of the letters to and from Holmgren refer to work on Flora of the Bahama Archipelago and specimens of Bahamian plants sent to NYBG in exchange for books and other materials.




Correspondence Don Correll – Lady Bird Johnson, 1965 – 1983
Ten (10) letters from Mrs. Johnson. Two envelopes; one empty, postmarked June, 1972; one postmarked November, 1973 contained four (4) snapshots of family. Four (4) letters to Mrs. Johnson. Photocopies of book jacket signed by President Johnson and a program from a Beautification Award Luncheon hosted by Mrs. Johnson, October 2, 1970.




Correspondence Don Correll – Ivan M. Johnston, 1956 – 1969
Approximately 93 pieces, several with multiple pages. Mostly letters between Correll and Dr. Ivan M. Johnston, Associate Professor of Botany at Harvard University and Associate Director of the Arnold Arboretum. Johnston was teaching at Harvard when Correll did his graduate work. Includes itineraries of collecting trips they took together, a remembrance of Dr. Johnston after his death in 1960, a Harvard press release announcing his death, an obituary in the Harvard Gazette, and various correspondences referring to the disposition of his papers and field notebooks. Arranged from most recent to earliest.




Correspondence Don Correll – E. D. Merrill, 1938 – 1947
Approximately 28 pieces, letters and post cards between Correll and Dr. E. D. Merrill, Director of the Arnold Arboretum. Most in reference to Correll’s fellowship and graduate studies at Harvard. Some to the local draft board requesting temporary exemption from the military draft during WWII.




Correspondence Don Correll – John Popenoe, 1967 – 1979
Approximately 28 items including letters in reference to a speech Dr. Correll made at the Garden, Correll’s employment at Fairchild Tropical Garden and plans/proposals for Flora of the Bahama Archipelago.




Correspondence Don Correll – Erdman West, 1936 – 1942
Twenty nine (29) letters between Correll and Erdman West, mycologist with the Agricultural Experiment Stations of the College of Agriculture, University of Florida. Mostly about orchids.




Correspondence Don Correll – Sen. Ralph Yarborough, 1965 – 1971
About 40 pieces, including letters between Correll and Sen. Yarborough of Texas, Mrs. Lyndon B. Johnson, Sen. Alan Bible of Nevada in reference to the establishment of Big Thicket National Park. Also included is a copy of The Congressional Record, the actual bill itself (S. 3929), various newspaper clippings. Also includes correspondence with Sen. Yarborough in reference to Correll’s recommendation that the Capote Falls area of Presidio County be taken into the national park system. One of the letters to Mrs. Johnson, dated Feb. 3, 1966, refers to David Fairchild and his efforts in 1945 to preserve the Texas sabal palm.




Correspondence with botanists, 1934 – 1947
Approximately 96 items, letters and postcards to and from various botanists including C.L. Lundell of the Texas State Research Foundation for whom Correll later worked.




Various correspondence, 1941
Sixty items, letters and postcards to and from various botanists including Clair Brown, LSU. Includes photocopy of Louisiana Ferns and Fern Allies by John Thieret which cites work by Brown and Correll published in 1942. Photographs (15) and 1 negative of ferns.




Various correspondence, 1942 – 1955
Forty one (41) items, mostly about publication of Correll’s book Native Orchids of North America. Two refer to the publication of his paper on vanilla.




Various items, 1953 – 1969
Sixteen (16) items, mostly correspondence in reference to plant identification. Includes botanical illustrations, and manuscripts with handwritten notes.

021 Various correspondence, 1971 – 1973
Thirty three (33) items including the closing of the Texas Research Foundation at Renner; the Texas Organization for Endangered Species; letters about plant identification, including one specimen; letters to and from Russian botanists L. Gorbatenko and Vadim Lekhnovitch; two bulletins from the Missouri Botanic Garden; three Christmas cards from Vadim Lekhnovitch.
022-023 Donovan Correll Correspondence, 1968 – 1972
Filed alphabetically by correspondent. Two (2) pieces at the front: a pamphlet from the International Association for Plant Taxonomy and a letter to the same association advising them of a change of address for Dr. Correll, June 23, 1971. Most of the letters are to/from botanists, professors, students, EPA, National Science Foundation, USDA, etc. Some content refers to leaving his position with the Texas Research Foundation.
022 A – M
Correspondence A – nine (9) letters; Correspondence B – three (3) letters; Correspondence C – nine items including conversion tables (inches to decimals), letters, a book review and various notes; Correspondence D – thirteen (13) letters; Correspondence E – two (2) letters; Correspondence F – seven (7) letters and a list of specimens; Correspondence G – seven (7) letters and one postcard (misfiled); Correspondence H – eleven (11) letters with handwritten notes attached to one of them; Correspondence I/J – sixteen (16) items including 14 letters and a list of items from Ivan M . Johnston Geology collection; Correspondence K – twelve (12) items including ‘Kirby’s Annual Sportsman’s Guide” from Kirby Lumber Corporation and 11 letters, one with plant specimens attached. Correspondence L – thirty five (35) letters; Correspondence M – thirty two (32) letters plus Informational Bulletin No. 2 from the Association for the Preservation of Cape Cod.
023 N – Z
Correspondence N/O – thirteen (13) letters (one misfiled);
Correspondence P/Q – ten (10) letters; Correspondence R – forty five (45) items including letters and lists of specimens; Correspondence S – approximately forty six (46) items including letters, meeting minutes and notes from Texas Research Foundation; Correspondence T – twenty one (21) items; Correspondence U/V – eight (8) items; Correspondence W – twenty four (24) items including handwritten letters; Correspondence XYZ – twenty four (24) items including newspaper clippings and lists of exchange material.
Various copies of Correll’s resume (some with notes), lists of grants and publications, four copies of obituary notices from The Miami Herald, The Miami News, Fairchild Tropical Garden Bulletin. Handwritten notes, perhaps for obituary.  Letters to/from the Agricultural Research Service in reference to the publication of Orchids of Guatemala.
025 Professional activities, 1936 – 1971
Approximately 90 pieces, including various letters, certificates of membership and recognition, expense records, and travel vouchers. Includes expense record of field trip to Florida, summer, 1936. No particular order. 
026 Newspaper and other clippings, 1940 – 1970
Assorted newspaper clippings, magazines, articles, book jackets, photographs.
Thirty seven (37) pieces, dating from 1940. Includes chemical formula for “correllogenin,” a genin yielded by wild yams and important in the making of cortisone. Correll was an author of a series of articles in the Journal of the American Pharmaceutical Association on the subject of Steroidal Sapogenins obtained in Chiapas province, Mexico in 1955.  Dr. Correll worked extensively in Mexico on his potato project. No particular order. Some duplication.
EDUCATION & EARLY CAREER 1932-1943 027 Correspondence Don Correll – Harvard University, 1936 – 1945
Approximately 29 pieces. Letters to and from Professor M. L. Fernald, Director of the Gray Herbarium, letters informing Correll of his appointment as Anna C. Ames Scholar 1938 – 1939, a bill for $110 payable to Harvard University, various memos, a 1920 publication by the Botanical Museum at Harvard about The Ware Collection of Blaschka Glass-Models of Plants in Flower, and a copy of The Harvard Forest Models, 1936. Includes correspondence with W.H. Wannamaker, 1936 – 1939. Dr. Wannamaker was the Dean  at Duke University when Correll was a student. Four letters of encouragement, including arranging an additional stipend for his work.
028 North American Orchid Flora correspondence
About 50 letters, from 1942 – 1944
Letters to and from Dr. Edgar T. Wherry, University of Pennsylvania; rejection letter from Wellmer Pessels, The MacMillan Company in reference to the orchid manuscript; Dr. John Watkins, University of Florida; rejection letter from G.P. Putnam’s Sons; Chronica Botanica; Harvard; The America Orchid Society Bulletin; Notre Dame. One letter from Helen Correll to Notre Dame about proofreading a manuscript because her husband had been called into the Navy. Also includes 11 items with Ronald Press Company and Chronica Botanica in reference to the publication of Native Orchids of North America, 1948 – 1968. Includes original contracts and royalty statements.
029 Orchids of North America – notes
Two stacks of notes on blue, 3-hole notebook paper, 5 ¼ x 8 ¼ in dimension, depth of about 1/2 inch.  One stack tied with ribbon, one with rubber bands (removed). Notes could be for his dissertation (1939) and/or pre-publication of Native Orchids of North America (1950).
030 Orchid collection records in the United States compiled by D.S. Correll ~ 1935 – 1948
Form data for Native Orchids of North America (Correll, 1950) and his 1939 dissertation? Appear to be field notes and notes from various herbariums about different specimens. Four (4) separate items of handwritten notes, clipped together, plus two loose batches of file cards, found in box marked U.S. Orchid Records, which contains typewritten note cards indexed by genus and location. Moved to Box #4 stored in Drawer #5.
031 Photographs and Negatives, 1930s – 1940s.
Approximately 150 pieces, mostly of orchids, both prints and some negatives. Some prints have notes on the back; many refer to his trip to Florida in April, 1938. There also appear to be hand-drawn botanicals, as well as some post cards of orchids. Note that the negatives in the envelopes correspond to some of the prints in the sleeves.
032 Photographs and Negatives, 1930s – 1940s.
Seventeen (17) pieces, some with multiple parts. Primarily negatives and prints of orchids from the Duke greenhouse.  Some ferns and botanical drawings. Two letters, both 1941; one from H. Mousley, one from J. T. Curtis, University of Wisconsin.
033 Photographs and Negatives, 1930s – 1940s
Forty seven (47) photographs, approximately 50 negatives, very few of which match up. All of plants, mostly orchids and ferns. Some are negatives of numbered plates which may be from his book Orchids of North America, North of Mexico.
034 Prints and Negatives, undated
Fourteen (14) prints, all appear to be orchids, all identified on reverse and each marked W. M. Buswell, University of Miami, Florida. Twenty (20) negatives, all identified by plant name, many marked with location. Note: Negatives and prints do not match up.
035 Correspondence Correll – Dr. W. M. Buswell, 1936 – 1939
Approximately 15 letters to and from Dr. Buswell, University of Miami, in reference to orchid specimens.
036 Envelope marked Cattleyopsis, etc. paper.  1952 – 1953
Photographs and negatives of six (6) orchids taken in 1953, Miami, most likely as illustrations for Dr. Correll’s article in The Orchid Journal. Some with typewritten notes. Original photo envelopes with handwritten notes. Six (6) additional items including correspondence with The Orchid Journal and Dr. Correll’s  article on Broughtonia and its allies.

Correspondence Correll – Dr. James B. McFarlin, 1936 – 1939
16 items, mostly letters to and from Dr. James B. McFarlin, Wild Life Technician and Botanist, National Park Service, in reference to orchids and ferns of Florida.


Five (5) publications concerning the Alaska Highway, 1942 – 1945.
During the summer of 1943, Correll was assistant botanist to Dr. Hugh M. Raup in the American-Canadian Joint Economic Committee party which explored, from a geo-botanical standpoint, the Alaskan Military Highway between Dawson Creek, B.C. and Whitehorse, Yukon. 

Drawer 2 039 Original photographs from the construction of the Alaska Highway, 1943. Used in Correll’s book Alaska Highway Adventure, 1981. 
040 Photographs of orchids, 1948 – 1963
Seventy three (73) transparencies, all sleeved. North Carolina, Mexico, Brazil, Guatemala. Some taken by Rev. L.A. Scott.
US DEPT. OF AGRICULTURE 1943-1956 Note: Correll was granted a leave of absence from Harvard in 1943 to work as Associate Botanist in the Division of Plant Exploration and Introduction. He accepted a commission in the Navy in 1944 and served until June, 1946. Upon his discharge, he was awarded a Guggenheim Post-Service Fellowship, which enabled him to return to Harvard and complete Native Orchids of North America, North of Mexico, as well as the book he co-authored with Professor Oakes Ames, Orchids of Guatemala. He returned to the USDA in Beltsville, MD in 1947, where he worked on plant sources for the drug cortisone, among other projects.


041 USDA Data, 1943 – 1956?
Approximately 43 pieces, including an application for federal employment, correspondence relating to Correll’s employment at USDA, pay stubs and a group life insurance policy.


042 Mexico Potato trip diary, October 22, 1947 – January 11, 1948.
Typewritten manuscript (40 pages) and handwritten notes. Also letters, lists of supplies and expenses. Reprint of review of a Correll monograph on Solanum based on his Mexico trip, 1947-1948; published 1952.


043 Texas Fern Data, 1949 – 1953
Three (3) items. Letters and lists of ferns.
044 D. S. Correll at LSU, Cuba, 1953.  
Twenty (20) transparencies and assorted receipts, postcards, photographs and correspondence relating to trips to Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, 1953. Authorization for the trip from the USDA states that the purpose is “to collect breeding stock in variation of the sweet potato and its nearest wild relatives for breeding programs in State and Federal Stations.” Correll was also collecting plant materials for the Heart Program and the Cortisone Project.
045 North Carolina Flora Correspondence, 1944 – 1950
Handwritten title “North Carolina Flora Correspondence.” Approximately 13 letters, mostly about different specimens.
046 Receipts and correspondence relating to a trip to Europe, 1954, to search for historic
collections of specimens of wild potatoes. The trip coincided with the Royal Horticultural Society’s sesquicentennial in London and the 8th International Botanical Congress in Paris. Dr. Correll represented the American Horticultural Society at both events.
047 Mexico, 1955, 22 transparencies.
From trip to Chiapas to explore for genus Dioscorea, the tropical yam.
TEXAS RESEARCH FOUNDATION, 1956-1971 Correll’s primary project in Texas, supported by the National Science Foundation, was a work on the native and introduced flora of the state. He was also involved in the establishment of Big Thicket National Park, and was an advisor to Lady Bird Johnson.


048 South America trips, 1957 – 1960
Approximately 75-100 pieces; various correspondence relating to two collecting trips to South America in search of potato specimens. Project was financed by a grant from the National Science Foundation. Correlates with Field Notebooks in Box 3. Note: In 1958, on a trip to Peru, Correll and Earl Smith discovered Solanum pennellii.
049 Peru, 1960, 20 transparencies.


050 Two hundred seventy six (276) sleeved transparencies of Texas, 1957 – 1973.


051 Letter referring to a Guggenheim Foundation fellowship to study the ferns and fern allies of the State of Chihuahua, Mexico, 1959 – 1960. Various notes and photographs, most unidentified.
052 Phi Beta Kappa, 1960.
Correll was elected as an alumnus member.
053 Sixty seven (67) sleeved transparencies of potato exploration trips to South America, 1955 and 1960. Six (6) typewritten note cards laying out purpose of trip and identifying each slide, probably for a talk or lecture.
054 “Fern Foray, American Fern Society, 1967” containing approximately 53 items.  Contents include correspondence before and after the Fern Foray Texas, August 24 – 27, 1967, various post cards and tourist/travel information, a schedule of the field trips and an AIBS manual setting forth procedures for meetings of biological societies. One unidentified photograph; possibly Dr. Correll? 
055 Folder titled Lycopersicon containing approximately 35 items, dated 1965 – 1974. Most are reprints of various scientific articles on tomatoes. Some correspondence, some handwritten notes on receiving grants for further study. Refers to Correll’s work with Dr. Charles Rick, tomato geneticist at the University of California at Davis. Also refers to the pennellii project.
056 Newspaper clippings and other materials, 1960 – 1970, related to the establishment of Big Thicket National Park and also to Correll’s work with President Lyndon Baines Johnson and Mrs. Johnson on highway beautification and other projects. Includes the program for the Lyndon B. Johnson State Park; a brochure for Chama Valley; annual report (1967) of the Heard Natural Science Museum and Wildlife Sanctuary. Twenty nine (29) items. Some duplication.
057A Applications, 1970-71
Nine photographs and 34 pieces of correspondence relating to Correll’s search for employment after the Texas Research Foundation closed in 1971 and he published Aquatic and Wetland Plants of the Southwestern United States. File includes a published paper on the Linnaean ideas in botany from the Humanities Research Center, U of T; lists of missing materials from the Ames catalog; and an inventory of Ames material sent to the Texas Research Foundation. Also included is a collection of newspaper columns by C. L. Lundell, 1968 – 1972, published by the University of Texas at Dallas, 1976.
057B Correspondence, 1967 – 1982
One hundred thirty one items relating to Correll’s expulsion from the Texas Research Foundation and the unpleasantness with Dr. C.L. Lundell over copyright issues and the expropriation and re-naming of the Oakes Ames Botanical Library.
NATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION, 1971-1973 Dr. Correll served as Program Director of Systematic Biology.
FAIRCHILD TROPICAL GARDEN AND THE BAHAMAS, 1973-1983 Dr. Correll worked as a plant taxonomist at Fairchild Tropical Garden from 1973 until his death in 1983. Dr. Correll received a 5-year grant from the National Science Foundation to produce an illustrated Flora of the Bahama Archipelago.
058 List of cycads planted in the garden or at the nursery and research center as of 1973, List of cycad and palm material in the herbarium as of June, 1972. Copies appear to have been sent to cycad collectors in Texas.
059 #1 – Bahama & Florida corrections to be made.  Handwritten notes with specimen (?) numbers; Eluthera, Andros, Great Abaco, etc. #2 – Yale Dawson Andros list of collections, February and March, 1966. Typewritten with handwritten notes. #3 –George Avery lists.  Handwritten notes on plants seen in the Bahamas; New Providence, 1966 and High Cay/Little Green Cay, 1967. Card from Bobbi Angell, illustrator.
060 One large old folder – Bahama Flora data
Original folder labeled “For Nassau Talk”
Eleven (11) items including background material and correspondence relating to a talk at the International Garden Club, Nassau, January 28, 1976.
Reprint of article “Endemism in the Bahama Flora” by Norman Taylor.
Reprint of article “Additions to The Flora of the Bahama Islands” by Walter H. Lewis.
Three pages of handwritten notes about maps.
Reprint of article “Palms of the Bahamas” by O. F. Cook.
Reprint of “Some Additions to the ORCHID Flora of Puerto Rico” by Harold F. Winters and Charles Schweinfurth.
Reprint of “A new Limonium from Haiti” by S. F. Blake, Bureau of Plant Industry.
Reprint of “Biological Reconnaissance in the Bimini Area, Great Bahama Bank” by Norman D. Newell and John Imbrie.
One document consisting of literature cited and selected bibliography; resumes of William Thomas Gillis, Jr., Dr. John H. Beaman, Richard Alden Howard, George Richardson Proctor; letters and budgets related to research grants and proposal rating sheets from the National Science Foundation.  Appears to be in reference to funding for the Flora of the Bahamas Archipelago.
Reprint of article “Genetic Variability and Similarity in the Anolis Lizards of Bimini” by T. Preston Webster, Robert K. Selander and Suh Y. Yang.
Reprint of publication “Praenunciae Bahamenenses – I” by Charles Frederick Millspaugh.
Reprint of article “Vegetation of the Bimini Island Group Bahamas, B.W.I.” by Richard A. Howard.
Reprint of publication “The Bahama Flora” by Nathaniel Lord Britton and Charles Frederick Millspaugh, 1920.
Reprint of botanical descriptions of Phylum Spermatotophyta, Class Angiospermae, Sub-class Monocotyledones, Order (various). No source given.
061 Nineteen (19) photographs, some with negatives, of Dr. Correll and Dr. (Mrs.)  Correll collecting in the Bahamas for the flora project. Includes photos of Dr. Willard Payne; Dr. Helen Correll; Mrs. B. B. Frenning; Priscilla Fawcett.
062 Bahamian Flora Records.  
About 40 pages of typewritten Latin plant names with handwritten notes.
Possibly research for book.
Black ringbinder “Alphabetical list of families” with map of Bahamas and plant records by location. Dated December, 1978. Handwritten notes and corrections.
063 Bahamian Flora Records.  
Black notebook “Bahama Plants“ Final Rough Draft of Records.
064 Grady Webster Collection of Bahamian Plant
Correspondence to and from Grady Webster, Professor of Botany, University of California, Davis. Letters dated 1977, 1978. Notice of shipment of herbarium specimens between UC Davis and Fairchild Garden. Xerox copy of field notes by Grady Webster in the Bahamas, #10273 – #10958, July 4 – August 9, year unknown.
065 Four (4) items. Dust cover of Flora of the Bahama Archipelago; two copies of printer’s proof of the Preface with handwritten corrections; a typewritten paper entitled Alachua Orchids by William A. Murrill, August 1939.
066 Sixteen (16) items. Correspondence relating to the publication of Flora, plus typewritten lists of illustrated genera (667 drawings), genera without drawings (1,066), and other handwritten and typewritten notes about the project.
067 Original manuscript of sections of Flora: Key to the Major Groups and Families of Vascular Plants and the Index.
068 Folder titled “Orchidaceae.” Twenty three (23) reprints of various scientific articles.
069 Folder titled “Orchids.” Thirty seven (37) reprints of various scientific articles, dating from the 1920s – 1960s.
070 Typewritten manuscript titled “Legends for Figures” with hand written notes.
071 Typewritten manuscript for Flora with Dedication page, Preface and Introduction. Handwritten corrections.
072 Typewritten manuscript for Flora. Handwritten corrections.
073 Typewritten manuscript for Flora. Handwritten corrections.
Drawer 3 074 Typewritten manuscript for Flora. Handwritten corrections.
075 Typewritten manuscript for Flora. Handwritten corrections.
076 Typewritten manuscript for Flora. Handwritten corrections.
077 Typewritten manuscript for Flora. Handwritten corrections.
078 Correspondence D.S. Correll – W. T. Gillis, 1974 – 1977
Eighteen items, mostly about sharing specimens of Bahama plants.
079 Bahama Flora – Lubrecht & Cramer, 1980 – 1985
Approximately 126 items, mostly correspondence between Correll and Harry Lubrecht and Jorg Cramer about the publication of Flora of the Bahamas Archipelago. Includes correspondence about the dedication of the book to Cecile Mary Erickson; requests for reprints of Correll’s article “The Bahamas Archipelago and its Plant Communities” which appeared in Taxon; notes and references to Correll’s illness in 1982.
080 Correspondence A – Am, 1973 – 1982
Thirty four items including postcards. Correspondence with various botanists and scientific institutions.
081 Correspondence An-Az, 1974 – 1990
Approximately 60 items including postcards. Correspondence with various botanists and scientific institutions. Includes newspaper clipping from the Durham Morning Herald with a photograph “Early Hikers on the Eno” of professor Blomquist of Duke and his students, including Correll and Helen Butts.
082 Correspondence Ba –Bn, 1975 – 1980
Fifty two items including postcards. Correspondence with various botanists and scientific institutions.  
083 Correspondence Bo – Bz, 1973 – 1981
Sixty five items; correspondence between Helen Correll and Earl Butz, Secretary of Agriculture, concerning her appointment to the National Arboretum Advisory Council in 1974; a 1945 holiday card made from a photograph by Clair Brown, LSU (see Folder 015).
084 Correspondence C, 1974 – 1989
Approximately 106 items, including correspondence with various botanists and universities. Includes one letter about timber management from then Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton. Also includes 45 photographs of Dr. Correll, Helen Correll, family members and various unidentified subjects.
085 Correspondence William W. Carver, Stanford University Press, 1974 – 1983
Approximately 62 pieces, mostly about Stanford Press republishing Native Orchids of North America and Aquatic and Wetland Plants of Southwestern United States. Includes the original agreement and claim to copyright for Native Orchids.
086 Correspondence D, 1973 – 1982
Approximately 59 items, mostly correspondence with various botanists and universities. Also contains a copy of a book review written by Correll: Oakes Ames, Jottings of a Harvard Botanist by P.A. Plimpton and G. Plimpton, which appeared in Brittonia.
087 Correspondence E, 1974 – 1981
Approximately 31 items, mostly correspondence with various botanists and universities. Includes materials from The Explorers Journal and the American Horticultural Society. 
088 Correspondence F, 1973 – 1982
Ninety eight (98) items including 38 pieces of correspondence with Mrs. Alfred B. Frenning (referred to as “Inchie”) of Little Compton, RI and Exuma, Bahama Islands. She was the niece of Oakes Ames, Correll’s Harvard professor and co-author of Orchids of Guatemala. Dr. and Mrs. Corrrell frequently stayed with Mrs. Frenning on their Bahama collecting trips.
089 Correspondence, Flora of the Bahama Archipelago reviewers, 1982 – 1984
Twelve letters and cards asking various botanist/colleagues to review Flora, and the publisher to send copies to the prospective reviewers. One letter answered after Correll’s death.
090 Correspondence G, 1973 – 1980
Various correspondence with botanists and botanical museums at Universities. Eighty three (83) items.
091 Correspondence R.K. Godfrey, 1973 – 1985
Correspondence between Correll and Dr. Godfrey, Dept. of Biological Sciences, FSU, and Tall Timbers Research Station in Tallahassee.  Forty four (44) items. Dr.Godfrey accompanied Dr. Correll on some of his research trips to the Bahamas. One letter to John Popenoe after Correll’s death.
092 Correspondence H, 1973- 1982
Various correspondence with botanists and universities. One hundred forty one (141) items, including extensive correspondence with Dr. Steven R. Hill who worked as a graduate assistant in the Herbarium for Dr. Correll in 1975. Also includes a reprint of an article “Mutton in the Day’s Work” by Josephine deNancrede Henry of the Henry Foundation for Botanical Research. The author’s mother was Mary Henry, a Director of the American Horticultural Society. There is a photograph of her in Folder 036.
093 Correspondence I, 1973 – 1980
Various correspondence with botanists and universities. Twenty (20) items.
094 Correspondence J, 1974 – 1984
Various correspondence with botanists and universities. Fifty one (51) items including letters to Lady Bird Johnson and an invitation from Mrs. Johnson to John Popenoe to become a member of the National Wildflower Research Center.
095 Correspondence K, 1973 – 1981
Various letters and post cards to and from botanists and universities. Fifty two (52) items.
096 Correspondence La-Li, 1971 – 1983
Sixty three (63) letters and postcards to and from various botanists and universities. Includes several items from Dr. Vadim Lekhnovitch of Leningrad, Russia. He and S. M. Bukasov were potato specialists at the All-Union Institute for Plant Protection. Dr. Correll visited with them in 1960.
097 Correspondence Ll – Lz, 1973 – 1981
Fifty six (56) letters and postcards including newsletters from Lowrey Nursery in Conroe, Texas, and a mailing from the Big Thicket Association.
098 Correspondence M, 1974 – 1990 (letter to Helen Correll)
One hundred five (105) postcards and letters to and from various botanists and universities, mostly about plant identifications.
099 Correspondence N, 1974 – 1981
Sixteen items of correspondence to and from various botanists and universities.
100 Correspondence O, 1974 – 1981
Twenty three items of correspondence to and from various botanists and universities.
101 Correspondence P, 1973 – 1982
Sixty six items of correspondence, including some with Pauline (Mrs. George) Plimpton in reference to the Oakes Ames Botanical Library having become an off-limits part of the Lundell Rare Book Collection, and their distress at that fact.  Mrs. Plimpton was the daughter of Oakes Ames, Harvard professor, Correll’s mentor and co-author with Correll of Orchids of Guatemala. Also contains correspondence and newsletters from The Potato Museum in Brussels.
102 Correspondence R, 1973 – 1982
One hundred six letters and postcards to and from various botanists and universities. Includes nine items of correspondence to and from Dr. Karen Reeds of the University of California Press in reference to the reprinting of Orchids of Guatemala by Ames and Correll. Also includes a list of grasses collected when Correll was at Renner.
103 Correspondence Sa – Sk, 1974 -1981
Fifty items including a newspaper clipping of the dedication of Selby Gardens in Sarasota, FL.
Drawer 4 104 Correspondence Sl – Sz, 1974 – 1981
Ninety two letters and postcards to and from various botanists and universities. Includes a couple of botanical drawings.
105 Correspondence T, 1973 – 1981
Sixty letters and postcards to and from various botanists and universities.
106 Third Annual Wildflower Day, April 24, 1982
Twenty two items including programs from the Third Annual Texas Wildflower Day held at Texas Women’s University in Denton, and related correspondence. Dr. Correll and Mrs. Correll were special guests and Dr. Correll received an award at the event. One of the letters refers to cocktails at Luci Johnson Nugent’s home in Austin where they met with Lady Bird Johnson.
107 Correspondence U, 1973 – 1980
Four letters to and from botanists and universities.
108 Correspondence Wasshausen, 1974 – 1981
Fifty one letters to and from Dr. Dieter Wasshausen, Dept. of Botany, Smithsonian Institution, Washington D.C.
109 Correspondence Wunderlin, 1974 – 1981
Correspondence between Dr. Correll and Dr. Richard P. Wunderlin, University of South Florida, Professor and Director of the USF Herbarium. The two were involved in the proposed Guide to the Vascular Flora of Florida project. File includes a grant proposal for the project. Flora of Florida, Vol. I was published in 2000 by Dr. Wunderlin. Credit is given in the book to the early work in getting the project started by Drs. Donovan and Helen Correll.
110 Correspondence V – Z, 1974 – 1981
Seventy three letters to and from various botanists and universities.
111 Correspondence, 1970 – 1979
Fifty one items, most to do with the move to Fairchild after the NSF and Renner. Folder was labeled ‘General Correspondence.’
112 Texas duplicates (Holmgren) for New York, 1978 – 1979?
Ten lists of herbarium specimens collected by Correll and others in Texas and sent to Dr. Patricia Holmgren at the New York Botanical Garden in exchange for library materials.
113 Arnold Arboretum Paper
Three letters dated 1976 and several versions of an article on “New Species and a New Combination from Bahamas, Caicos and Turks Island” written for publication by the Arnold Arboretum. Original handwritten corrections. Also, several shipping notice and loan forms to various institutions.
114 Travel itinerary for Bahamas collecting, 1973 – 1976
115 Abaco, 1975 – 1978
About 20 items, mostly maps and tourist brochures. Some have hand written notes. Includes a letter from A.J. Johnson plus two letters to Robert Abplanalp soliciting support for Flora of the Bahama Archipelago. Acklins Island, undated Map with handwritten notes and list of connections.
116 Andros, 1974 – 1980
Thirty eight items including maps, brochures, letters and postcards. Includes lists of plants to be collected on Andros and several photographs of plants, some identified. Also snapshots of Dr. Correll and his associates, and a strip of transparencies. Handwritten notes. 
117 Berry Islands, 1975 – 1978
Nine items, including tourist brochures, newspaper clippings and reservation information.
118 Bimini, 1971 – 1981
Thirty nine items, including maps, letters, materials about the Lerner Marine Laboratory of the American Museum of Natural History, and lists of plants collected on Cat Cay, Bimini, in 1974 and 1975. Also includes newspaper clippings and tourist information.
119 Caicos, 1974 – 1975
Thirteen items, mostly maps and tourist information, some with handwritten notes. Possibly scouting materials?
120 Cat Island, date unknown
Ten items, mostly maps and travel information.
121 Cay Sal, 1975
Five items, including a handwritten list of plants noted on Anguilla, plus some reprints from scientific journals on the birds and reptiles of the Cay Sal Bank, Bahama Islands.
122 Crooked Island, 1977
Four items, including maps and reservation request/notes for Thompson’s Guest House.
123 Conception Island, no date
One map (poor condition) of Conception Island.
124 Eleuthera, 1973 – 1975
Twenty one items, mostly tourist information and maps. Two lists of plants, handwritten notes and corrections.
125 Exuma, 1973 – 1980
Thirty items, mostly correspondence with Mrs. Alfred B. Frenning (“Inchie”), some tourist information and maps.
126 Grand Bahama, no dates
Fourteen items, mostly maps and tourist information.
127 Inagua, 1974 – 1976
Thirty two items, including correspondence, hand drawn maps, lists of plants collected and an article authored by Dr. Correll titled “Great Inaguas Bonsai Forest” (undated).
128 Long Island, 1974 – 1978
Eleven items including correspondence, maps and a faded photocopy of several pages from an unidentified guide book.
129 Mayaguana Island, 1979
Four items including correspondence and a map. Not sure if Correll ever went there.
130 Nassau, 1973 – 1982
Thirty one items including correspondence, permits from the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries to collect specimens, and a large map of the Caribbean with typewritten notes pasted on indicating various crops, collections and research stations. Also contains tourist brochures, newspaper clippings about the Caribbean and correspondence with The Family Guardian Insurance Company in Nassau in referenced to identifying plants in their 1982 calendar.
131 Rum Cay, 1975
Two items, one letter and a map.
132 Ragged Island Range, undated
Five items including handwritten notes, maps and tourist information.
133 San Salvador, 1975 – 1978
Fifteen items including several maps, one with handwritten notes. Also tourist information and correspondence.
134 Turks, 1974 – 1977
Sixteen items, including airline schedules, tourist information and a list of plants collected from Turks and Caicos Islands.
135 Cayman Islands
Travel and tourist information. Includes receipts dated 1979.
136 Bahama Connections, 1973 – 1980
Twenty three items including correspondence with the Bahamas National Trust, maps, business cards and hand-written notes on proposed land developments.
137 Bahama Travel, undated
Various maps, flight schedules, business cards, newspaper clippings. Forty four items.
FLORA OF FLORIDA, 1974-1992 Dr. Correll was involved with the planning and early stages of Flora of Florida as he finished his work on Flora of the Bahama Archipelago.
138 Large folder containing several smaller folders which include information on the project to publish a Flora of Florida. The project was started by Don Correll and carried on by several others after his death. Flora of Florida, Volume 1 was published in 2000. Project was never continued. Papers found in the Herbarium, March 2011 by Nancy Korber. Includes 4 35mm film negatives of Dr. and Mrs. Correll and Roger W. Sanders.
138A Flora of Florida – Correll introduction
Eight (8) typewritten  pages, possibly by Helen Correll since there is a reference to Don Correll’s death. It lays out the intent to create a “modern comprehensive vascular flora for the state.” There are handwritten corrections.
138B Flora of Florida – Correll outline
Five (5) items including a handwritten list of Florida counties in which D.S. Correll made plant collections in 1936; a hand-colored map of Correll’s collections; an outline of the five proposed volumes including general editors and authors.
138C Flora of Florida – correspondence, 1991 – 1992
Thirty five (35) letters, some with multiple pages, between participants in the Flora of Florida project. The project has now grown to a projected 7 volumes.
138D Flora of Florida – correspondence, 1970 – 1989
Approximately ninety eight (98) items, mostly correspondence between participants in the Flora of Florida project. Also includes some maps and illustrations. There is no particular order; items are jumbled together. 
138E Florida Parks
Three (3) items; correspondence and a collecting permit issued to Helen Correll in 1984.
138F American Philosophical Society, 1981 – 1982
Fifteen (15) items including correspondence in search of a grant for the Flora of Florida. Dr. Correll received $1200 for plant collections.
138G South Florida Native Plant Conference, 1983
Six (6) items including a schedule for the conference, biographical notes required of speakers and a letter from the planning committee. Helen Correll delivered a program titled: How do you write a flora of 35 islands and 700 cays? Her hand-written notes are included.
138H Flora of Southeastern U.S., 1981
Four (4) items regarding the Flora of the Southeastern US Project at the University of North Carolina. Includes a Contributor’s Guide. Don Correll was asked to be a contributor on orchids.
ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY, 1978-1981 139 Materials related to Dr. Correll’s activities with the Environmental Protection Agency as a contractor and expert witness in a case concerning the Lake Ophelia bottomlands in Avoyelles Parish, LA., 1979 -80. Fifty eight (58) items including maps, various government publications, court documents and correspondence.  
140 Additional EPA reports and documents, 1976 – 1981.
Thirteen items including legal documents involving the civil action brought by the Avoyelles Sportsmen’s League in Louisiana.
Drawer 5 PERSONAL ACTIVITIES, 1932-1983 141 Donovan Correll studied voice as a young man and sang in church, university and amateur choirs and productions. Also had a radio program. Reviews, newspaper clippings, programs and photos. Twenty seven items. Some duplication.
142 Donations to SMU Herbarium, 1980 – 1982
Correspondence and lists in reference to the donation of Correll’s books to the Herbarium at SMU. Eight items.
143 Forty nine photos, mostly family, some duplicates. 
144 Explorers Club, 1973 – 1981
Various newsletters, correspondence, invitations and a photograph. Dr. Correll was a member. Sixty six items.
145 Materials relating to a trip to Braunschweig, Germany in May, 1981. Found in folder labeled “Bahama Flora. Take to Braunschweig.”

146 Folder titled “High & Low Notes” containing correspondence related to the possible publication of Donovan Correll’s autobiography. Seventeen items, 1982 – 1983.
147 Materials related to the reissue of Orchids of Guatemala by Oakes Ames and Donovan Stewart Correll, first published 1952-53 with a supplement in 1965.  Mostly correspondence between Dr. Correll and Dover Press, with supporting letters from others. Includes a copy of the contract with Dover Press. Payment for reprint rights was made to Dr. Helen Correll in April, 1983, a month after Dr. Correll’s death. Seventeen items, 1982 – 1983.
HELEN CORRELL 148 Helen Butts Correll Carter, 1907 – 2000
Photographs, short resume, program from memorial service, tribute by John Popenoe from Fairchild Tropical Garden Bulletin.  Includes 7 pen-and-ink drawings by A.C. Butts, purpose unknown. Book of field notes, probably for Flora of Florida, 1982. List of collected plants, 1982.
149 Correspondence, Helen Butts Correll, 1991 – 1992
Ten items, including letters and a Certificate of Gift from the University of Alaska Fairbanks, in reference to a donation made by Mrs. Correll to the Rasmuson Library of Donovan Correll’s handwritten manuscripts, notes and photographs about his work on the Alaska Highway, 1943. Also letters from the Gemini Botanical Garden and the American Orchid Society asking Dr. Helen Correll for assistance in identifying and translating.
150 Correspondence, Helen Butts Correll, 1980 – 1989
Forty three items, mostly correspondence with other botanists and universities.
151 Notes from a Singing Plant Explorer by Donovan S. Correll. Unpublished autobiography manuscript.
MISCELLANEOUS & MYSTERIES 152 Eighty transparencies of a trip to Turkey.
153 Various correspondence, unidentified photographs, invitations, Christmas cards, etc.
Twenty-three items, including a photo album entitled ‘Rio Grande Holiday, February 1965;’ an envelope with a return address of Howard W. Swift filled with handwritten notes on various plants; an invitation from the Bahamas National Trust to the Flamingo Ball, March 1978; a folder entitled ‘Farrah Fawcett’ containing memorabilia from the late actress, who was Selena Correll’s roommate at the University of Texas.
Archival Box #4 (back of drawer #5) Orchid collection records in the United States compiled by D.S. Correll ~ 1936 – 1948
From data for Native Orchids of North America, Correll 1950 and his 1939 dissertation?
Archival Box #5 (back of drawer #5) Note cards referencing plants found in various Florida counties. Indexed alphabetically by genus. Undated, but refer to herbarium specimen numbers? Possibly notes for the Flora of Florida project.
FIELD NOTEBOOKS (stored above Collection file cabinet) Four (4) archival boxes of Field Collection notebooks:
1. #12245 – #32270, 1946 – 1966
2. #32271 – #54071, 1966 – 1982
3. USDA 1947 – 1958 and 1 large format notebook #1 -#6651, 1932 – 1936
4. 12 small notebooks, #6591 – 12244, 1936 – 1943; 2 small notebooks, #B600 – P979, 1960; Field notebook of R. H. Cintron; 17 field notebooks of John R. Crutchfield, Texas Research Foundation.
Box 1 Contains field notebooks of Donovan S. Correll  #12245 – #32270, 1946 – 1966. 22 notebooks.
Box 2 Contains field notebooks of Donovan S. Correll #32271 – #54071, 1966 – 1982
Note: Contains field notes for Flora of the Bahama Archipelago.  Thirteen notebooks, starting with #40317, Bahamas, New Providence, Nov. 1, 1973. Last Bahamas entry appears to be #53218, Great Exuma, Jan. 13, 1982.
Box 3 Field notebooks of D. S. Correll
Twenty-eight (28) brown USDA notebooks.
(1) 14199 – 14242, Oct. 22 – Nov. 7, 1947 Mexico
(2) 14243 – 14291, Nov. 7 – Dec. 3, 1947 Mexico
(3) 14292 – 14344, Dec. 3 – Dec. 18, 1947 Mexico
(4) 14345 – 14419, Dec. 20 – Dec. 31, 1947 Mexico
(5) 14420 – 14438, Dec. 31, 1947 – Jan 8, 1948 Mexico
Time gap
(6) 1 – 48, April 8 -10, 1953 Pinar del Rio, Cuba
(7) 49 – 82, April 10 – 13, 1953 Pinar del Rio, Cuba
117A – 147, April 14 – 15, 1953    Pinar del Rio, Cuba
(8) 83 – 117, April 13, 1953 Various places in Cuba
(9) 148 – 158, April 14, 1953 (in back of book) Pinar del Rio, Havana
244 – 288, April 24 – 28, 1953 (in front of book) Various places in Cuba
(10) 160 – 208, April 14 – 21, 1953 Cuba
(11) 209 -243, April 21 – 24, 1953 Cuba
(12) 289 -339, April 28 – May 6, 1953 Cuba, Puerto Rico
(13) 340 -387, May 6 – 13, 1953 Puerto Rico
(14) 388 -436, May 1 – 14, 1953 Puerto Rico
(15) 437 – 486, May 14 – 18, 1953 Puerto Rico
(16) 487 – 536, May 18 – 23, 1953 Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, V.I.
(17) 537 – 586, May 23 – 28, 1953 St. Thomas, St. Croix, V.I.
(18) 587 – 631, May 28 – June 12, 1953 St. Croix, V.I., Cuba
(19) 632 – 681, June 12 – 15, 1953 Cuba
(20) 682 – 705, June 15 – 17, 1953 Cuba
Time gap
(21) 1 – 24, March 3 -5, 1955 Mexico
(22) 25 – 50, March 5 – 7, 1955 Mexico
Time gap
(23) C1 – C80, Jan. 5 – Jan. 27, 1958 Chile
(24) C81 – P162, Jan. 27 – Feb. 15, 1958 Chile, Peru
(25) P163 – P230, Feb. 15 – Feb. 27, 1958 Peru
(26) P231 – P299, Feb. 27 – March 7, 1958 Peru
(27) E300 – E414, March 11 – March 19, 1958    Ecuador
(28) E415 –Co512, March 19 – April 10, 1958 Ecuador, Colombia
Field Collection notebook – large format 12” x 71/2”
Permanent record of all collections made starting during the summer of 1932.  
Signed by Donovan S. Correll, May 18, 1938
1 – 6651, Summer 1932 – August 22, 1936
Box 4 Field notebooks of John R. Crutchfield
Botanical Lab Texas Research Foundation Renner, TX
Seventeen (17) books, chronological order – May 24, 1964 – July 28, 1967.
(Note: Correll became head of the Botanical lab in 1956)
Book 1: 1 – 334, May 24 – July 6, 1965
Book 2: 336 – 818, July 9 – Sept. 15, 1965
(Mentioned in front: Ken Davenport, Inks Lake (?); George Chastain, Dexter, NM; Perry Henderson, Loco (?) Hills, NM. Mentioned in back: Chester M. Rowell, Jr., Tex Tec
Book 3: 819 – 1070, Sept. 20, 1965 – Jan. 29, 1966
(Mentioned in back: younger brother Lee Correll, Window Rock, Gallup, NM; works for Navajo tribe)
Book 4: 1069A – 1241, March 5 – April 1, 1966
Book 5: 1242 – 1457, April 5 – May 4, 1966
(Note: Size of this and the next 8 notebooks much smaller.  Note on inside to ‘Jewel’ refers to duplication of numbers from book IV.)
Book 6: 1458 – 1598, May 1 – May 26, 1966
Book 7: 1599 – 1728, June 2 – June 19/20, 1966
Book 8: 1729 – 1839, June 21 – July 21, 1966
Book 9: 1840 – 2148, July 26 – August 31, 1966
Book 10: 2149 – 2245, Sept. 7 – Sept. 19, 1966
Book 11: 2246 – 2316, Sept. 19 – Oct. 4, 1966
Book 12: 2317 – 2460, Oct. 5, 1966 – April 6, 1967
Book 13: 2461 – 2653, April 20 – May 10, 1967
Book 14: 2654 – 2886, May 12, 1967 – May 28, 1967
(Collected by JRC and Elray Nixon.  Notebooks return to previous larger size.)
Book 15: 2887 – 3009, June 2 – 14, 1967
Book 16: 3010 – 3193, June 20 – June 27, 1967
(Collected by JRC and Richard S. Mitchell)
Book 17: 3194 – 3638, June 29 – July 28, 1967
(Collected by JRC and Richard Mitchell)
Donovan S. Correll Collection
Field Notebooks 2/27/12 by Volunteer M. E. Gelberg
Field notebooks of D. S. Correll
(1) Notebook: Bolivia, Argentina, Peru
February 10, 1960  –  March 31, 1960
With Graham Paxman, K Dodds and E. Bruchen
B600 – P979
Hand drawn maps (?) in back. Also contains a laundry (?) list, a log of dates and cities,  
with some expenses noted.
(2) Small notebook: Chile, Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Argentina
March 10 – April 15, year unknown
Contains names, addresses and telephone numbers of contacts in the above countries, a list of expenses, a laundry list, some dried plant material. Mentions potatoes.  
Plant collections Co513 – Co536
(Collected by Correll and Estrada. List of names contains a ‘Nelson Estrada, geneticist, who spent 1956 -57 at Madison.’)
(3) Small notebook: 6591 – 6968, August 20 – Oct. 24, 1936 (GA, FL, NC, SC)
(4) Small notebook: 6969 – 7305, Oct. 24 – May 19, 1937
(5) Small notebook: 7306 – 7625, June 1 – July 17, 1937 (With H. L. Blomquist ?)
(6) Small notebook: 7626 – 7933, July 17 – Aug. 25, 1937
(7) Small notebook: 7934 – 8227, Aug 25 – Sept. 5, 1937
(8) Small notebook: 8228 – 8532, Sept. 5 – Sept, 16, 1937
(9) Small notebook: 8533 – 9195, Sept. 16, 1937 – June 28, 1938
(10) Small notebook: 9196 – 10000, June 29 – Aug. 2, 1938
(11) Small notebook: 10001 – 10598, Aug. 2 – Oct. 8, 1938
(12) Small notebook: 10599 – 11349, Oct. 8, 1938 – Oct. 12, 1939
(13) Small notebook: 11350 – 12142, Oct. 15, 1939 – Aug. 3, 1943 (Alaska)
(14) Small notebook: 12143 – 12244, Aug. 6 – Sept. 4, 1943
Field notebook of R. H. Cintron
Ranch ‘O Hills Mercedes, TX
Book 1: 15244 – 15470, June 26, 1956 – Feb. 21, 1957
Back of book contains itemized expenses

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