Fairchild is Miami's Garden


As part of Fairchild’s commitment to conservation, we’re bringing The Million Orchid Project to partners throughout South Florida to help transform green spaces into citizen science-led botanical gardens and to reintroduce one million native orchids to Miami. Our partners include municipalities, HOAs, schools, community centers, homeowners, parks, open spaces and many others, including:

Fairchild on Lincoln, where our horticulturalists installed over 120 digital signs on trees, palms, and orchids using QR technology connecting visitors to plant-specific information and videos from our experts.

Cerveceria La Tropical in Wynwood, where the beautiful garden harks back to its namesake’s historical roots using QR technology on the trees, palms and orchids. You can also participate in a special brewery tour with 100% of tickets proceeds going to our Million Orchid Project. 

As part of our commitment to conservation, we are helping transform green spaces across our community.