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Why Fairchild for your Graduate Studies?

Complex conservation problems require both interdisciplinary solutions and public support. Here at Fairchild, we provide both broad training across areas of conservation biology, and a range of opportunities to explain our science to public audiences in a botanical garden setting. Students in our program can specialize in sub-disciplines such as systematics, invasion biology, community ecology, restoration biology, seed preservation, and population genetics. More importantly, our students have opportunities to interact extensively with the general public at a variety of garden events and activities, and with landmanagers, owners, and non-profit and government scientists through a variety of ongoing projects.

Miami is a vibrant, exceptionally diverse community, with easy access to a variety of cultural and natural area attractions, and great access to study sites in the Caribbean, Latin America, and the wider world. Fairchild has one of the most extensive living collections of tropical plants, particularly cycads, palms, and Caribbean plants and this provides a unique setting for research and education.

Students in our program have worked on a number of plant groups, in a variety of locations from South Florida, to the Caribbean, to South America and Africa. Feel free to explore some of the plant groups on which we and our students have worked, the pages of some of our students, and the range of projects in which we are currently looking for students to participate.


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