Fairchild Wish List

Fairchild’s Wish List is a shopping list of items that will directly support our efforts in Conservation, Education, Horticulture and Research. Give a gift of a wish list item and support Fairchild’s mission of exploring, explaining and conserving the world of tropical plants. For additional information on our Fulfill a Fairchild Wish Program, please contact Donor Services at donorservices@fairchildgarden.org or at 305-667-1651 Ext. 3309.

For the Horticulture Team

  • LCD Projector, $1,000
  • 12 Golf-Cart Batteries, $1,200
  • Walk-Behind Aerator, $1,500
  • Software/Hardware for Accession Tag Embossing Machine, $2,600
  • Plant Transport Van, $20,000

For Conservation, Research and the Online Herbarium

  • Extra-Tall Tripod, $150
  • Macro Zoom Lens for SLR Sony Camera, $800
  • Digital SLR Camera, $1,000  Wish Fulfilled!
  • Laptop Computer, $2,000
  • New Display Giclee Prints on Canvas for Public Events, $2,000
  • Ultra-Cold Freezer (DNA Bank), $6,000
  • Laminar Flow Hood, $6,000  Wish Fulfilled!
  • Plant Canopy Imager, $6,000
  • Seed Germination Chamber, $8,500
  • Mid-Size Pick-up Truck, $26,400

For the Research Library

  • Large-Format Scanner, $2,600

For the Fairchild Farm

  • Golf Cart, $7,000

For the Marketing and Communications Team

  • Nikon Digital 22-24mm Super Wide Angle Lens, $900

For Special Events

  • Energy-Efficient Washer/Dryer, $1,500
  • Fully-equipped Commercial Kitchen for Visitor Center ~  Priceless

For Member and Donor Services

  • Golf Cart, $7,000
  • Laptop Computer/LCD Projector, $2,000 Wish Fulfilled!
  • Digital SLR Camera, $1,000

For Education Programs

  • 5 ipads or similar tablet computers, $2,500
  • SMART Board, $2,000
  • Solar Golf Cart Conversion Kit, $2,000
  • Canon Double-sided Feeder Scanner, $3,000
  • 5 sturdy Art Easels

For Volunteer Programs

  • Digital SLR Camera, $1,500 Wish Fulfilled!

For Visitor Services

  • Golf Cart, $7,000

For Lifelong Learning Program

  • Laptop and LCD, $1,200

Wishes Granted

Fairchild would also like to thank the following individuals for their friendship and support. Thanks to you, many of our wishes have been fulfilled!

  • Mr. and Mrs. Barry Myers: Laminar Flow Hood for the Molecular Lab
  • Mrs. Geri A. Wegner: Digital Camera for the Conservation Department
  • Mr. and Mrs. Clark Cook: Assistance with Improvements to the South Entrance Admission Booth
  • Mr. Roger Jaar: Portable, Solar-Powered Generator for the Education Department
  • Moyna Prince, in Memory of her Husband Edward J. Prince: High Resolution Scanner for the Herbarium
  • ExxonMobil, in Honor of Shirley Berckmans: Ultra High-Resolution Microtek Large Format Scanner
  • Mrs. Geri A. Wegner: Solar-powered, 8-seat Golf Cart
  • Ms. Lane Park: Plant Cart/Trailer for the Horticulture Team
  • Ms. Lorie Yanoshik: Digital SLR Camera for Volunteer Program