BioTECH Student Research: Conservation


Plant Pathogens

The Materials Innovation for Sustainable Agriculture Lab (UCF) focuses on using nanotechnology to combat plant diseases. BioTECh students will help support this research goal to test the performance of an environmentally-friendly novel anti-fungal formulation technology, known as CAPTAP, against infection. 

Community Collaborators: Melissa Deinys (UCF)
Project Resources: Overview, Species List, Drive
Location: DNA lab

Bromeliad rx

Bromeliad Conservation

Students work to understand how life history type influences endangered, large Florida bromeliads. This research contributes data that will inform models and help predict the long-term survivorship of state endangered species. 

Community collaborators: Brian Sidoti Ph.D, Brad Oberle, Ph.D. (New College of Florida, Sarasota, FL), Rachel Jabaily Ph.D. (Colorado College, Colorado Springs, CO), Erin Bodine Ph.D. (Rhodes College, Memphis, TN),

Resources: Data Sheet, Protocols, Drive
Location: Garden Wide, Corbin B 

Family sits flowers in a pot. Spring and hobbies, family grows flowers together. Beauty and nature. Hobby home for whole family, entertainment with children, development and education. Flower ground

Environmental Education

 BioTECH students will work to support many of our robust education programs such as STEMlab, Fairchild Explorer, and the Fairchild Challenge.. Using their knowledge and STEM thinking students will deconstruct scientific practices, how to inspire this scientific thinking at a younger level, and help mentor our local community.

Fairchild researchers: Jamie Anderson, M.S.
Project Resources: Drive
Garden Wide


Pine Rockland Restoration @ BioTECH

BioTECH Students and Teachers work closely with Fairchild Conservation Staff to restore and connect a fragment of historic Richmond Pineland area at Richmond Heights. Students have successfully restored endangered habitat

  • Sourced germplasm, seeds and cuttings
  • Serve as a case study for local  conservation projects in Dade County Public schools

Project Manager: Jolynne Woodmansee, M.S., BioTECH Faculty
Location: BioTECH Senior High School