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The Edible Mango Garden

Edible gardening in South Florida is not really about tomatoes and peppers. Certainly, we have a few months where we can have an impact in the vegetable arena, but we are ultimately at the mercy of our tropical weather. Yet, we are pushed by the media and by our friends

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Mangifera indica: The Etymology of Mango Species & Cultivar Names

No one has ever seen a non-cultivated Mangifera indica, the mango from which South Florida’s multitude of cultivars have been selected, according to Dr. Richard Campbell, Fairchild’s senior curator of tropical fruit. “There’s no record of it being collected,” he says. “Is there such a thing?” Mangi is the Indian

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The Mysteries of Mangifera: Finding the Mango’s Origin

We think we know our mangos, but much of their origin is a mystery researchers are trying to unravel through exploration, DNA research and other methods. They’ve even begun to ask if all cultivars of this incredibly diverse fruit are truly the same species. In South Florida, we know our

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Mangos: from Wild to Table – In Search of the Wild Mango

Why the search for our cultivated foods’ wild origins is so important. Unlike previous years’ events, the 2017 Mango Festival at Fairchild did not feature mangos from any particular country. Instead, 2017’s festival celebrated “from wild to table.” But what does that mean? What’s wild about mangos? As with most

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Orchid Brief: Etymologies of Orchid Names

Have you ever wondered how the names of orchid flowers originated? From “Drawings of Florida Orchids” come the etymologies of some of our orchids.  Don’t Miss Fairchild’s Orchids in Bloom Explore, learn, and revel in the splendor of orchids like never before! Tickets Available Now for March 9-10, 2024 Bletia:

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