Fairchild at Cervecería La Tropical: Creating a Community of Gardens

Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden has partnered with Wynwood’s newest and Cuba’s historically oldest brewery, Cerveceria La Tropical, to create an immersive experience that celebrates the brewery’s 10,000 square-foot outdoor garden as a lush, tropical oasis impressively located in the middle of a metropolitan city.

Fairchild Million Orchid Project installed rare native orchids throughout the garden, which pays homage to the original brewery’s garden in Cuba established in 1904. Additionally, Fairchild’s scientists created a smartphone-accessible, self-guided tour of the spectacular plant life flourishing in Jardines La Tropical through the installation of 50 QR-coded signs.

In the late 1800s, as the Florida East Coast Railroad extended southward, orchids were among the first natural resources to be exploited. Millions of flowering orchids were ripped from trees and packed into railroad cars, destined to be sold as disposable potted plants in northern flower shops. As a result, Fairchild started the Million Orchid Project in 2013 and has been propagating millions of native orchids to reintroduce into South Florida’s urban landscapes.

Today, Cerveceria La Tropical has adopted the program as its main community initiative and committed to join Fairchild on its mission to have the first generation of reestablished orchids blooming throughout South Florida. The world-class brewery will continue its environmentally conscious practices and support of Fairchild through initiatives including:

  • Donating $1 of each Crowler sale back to Fairchild Garden’s Million Orchid Project
  • Offering recurring, complimentary brewery tours in exchange for donations to the Million Orchid Project
  • Rainwater collection in the garden, used to water the plants
  • Partnerships with local farmers to use La Tropical’s spent grain to feed livestock and make fertilizer for the Garden
  • Use of 100% plastic free, biodegradable and compostable 6-pack rings that do not impose harm on sea life

Landscape architects Savino & Miller Design Studio designed the gardens at Cerveceria La Tropical to recall the iconic gardens in Cuba, set in the heart of El Bosque de la Habana. Noteworthy plants found at Cerveceria La Tropical, many of which are used by Chef Cindy Hutson in the taprooms kitchen, include: