Challenge 4: School Garden – Vertical Garden

For Groups — Maximum points: 200 (1 entry per school)

Living in a city or the suburbs can mean you don’t have a lot of space for growing plants. And we need plants – to make our communities beautiful and to feed ourselves, friends and families. We can be creative with the space we do have and grow up – use the vertical space around us in new ways to grow beautiful and edible plants. Using the provided Vertical Grow Kit, expand your existing school garden or create a brand new vertical garden at your school. From the start, document your experience of creating and maintaining your garden through photos, student drawings, student writing and helpful tips. Create a “how-to” manual that can be shared with other schools who want to grow vertically, too. Download PDF

ENTRY SUBMISSION: Monday, April 8, 2024 to Sunday, April 14, 2024

Electronically submit the following:

Physically submit the following:
  • How-to manual in form of a notebook
✓  Entry Requirements:

How-to manual must be 10-20 pages and include a title page. 


Title page must include school name, names of participating teachers, clubs and classrooms as well as grade levels.

  How-to manual must include text and images in the form of photos or drawings.
  On-time entry submission. Late entries will be accepted with a reduction in points.


Vertical garden training will be offered during our launch on September 9, 2023. Each school interested in participating must send one representative to pick up the necessary materials. 

OPTIONAL TEACHER WORKSHOP: Monday, September 25 from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm
Join Fairchild staff for the School Garden Workshop specially designed for teachers wanting to start a garden at home or at school. For more information, visit our Teacher Workshop page. 

For more information on how your submission will be evaluated, please see the Challenge 4 Rubric.

Visit the Challenge 4 Lesson Planning Guide for ideas on how to implement this challenge in your classroom.